South Florida Herpetological Society

We are an Organization dedicated to promoting the conservation, education and understanding of reptiles and amphibians

March 7th at 7:00 pm,

Our Guest Speaker Will Be:

Amy Moses

We are pleased to announce that Amy Moses will be our guest speaker for our meeting this Saturday March 7th starting at 7:00 pm at Wild Cargo in West Palm Beach. (310 South Military Trail)


Amy is a hobby breeder of Inland Bearded Dragons (Pogona vitticeps) and Rankin’s Dragons (Pogona henrylawsonii) and will be sharing her experience keeping and breeding these popular pet lizards. Her company is Calico Dragons ( and she has been successfully producing Bearded Dragon morphs for over 10 years.  Due to the relatively easy care and calm disposition, bearded dragons have become one of the most commonly kept pet lizards, but proper care is important for their long term success in captivity.  Amy will be presenting on proper husbandry and breeding of these awesome lizards and will be discussing the various morphs that are available.


We always encourage all our members and visitors to bring in animals to share with the group, so bring your bearded dragons to this meeting!  We will be having our usual raffle with a crested gecko and enclosure as our top item and will be discussing our upcoming meetings and trips – including next month’s annual Everglades overnight trip the weekend of April 11th .


We also have some adoption animals looking for good qualified homes, and we have 2 really nice normal male ball pythons that we just want to find a good home for, so no adoption fee on these guys.


Spread the word on the meeting and we look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday March 7th! 



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